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NAI Hallmark Partners is currently involved in the leasing and/or management of
an existing portfolio in excess of 3 million square feet in the Jacksonville, Florida market.

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Hallmark Partners was formed in 1993 as a full-service commercial real estate company offering sales/leasing brokerage, property management, real estate intelligence and turnkey development services. Over the past 20 years the company has developed over 1.2 million square feet of commercial property, over 450 residential units, all totaling in excess of $410 million. It is currently involved in leasing and/or managing an existing portfolio in excess of 3 million square feet. Hallmark Partners expertise in real estate development is focused on the development of grocery-anchored retail centers, mixed-use apartment communities, upscale residential condominiums, office buildings and industrial projects within the greater Jacksonville area.

In 2011, Hallmark Partners announced its affiliation with Princeton, NJ-based NAI Global (www.naiglobal.com) creating NAI Hallmark Partners. As a result, NAI Hallmark Partners now benefits from the largest network of independent commercial real estate firms worldwide. Working cooperatively, NAI offices complete over $45 billion in combined transactions annually and manage 300+ million square feet of commercial space.

We focus on the relationship not simply the “deal.” NAI Hallmark Partners is designed to handle multiple, simultaneous projects across a broad range of market types with equal efficiency. We give clients a close, intimate view of the local markets where they do business and provide them with a long view of their portfolio. Doing “deals,” therefore, is not our priority; doing the right “deal” and building lasting relationships is.

NAI Global is the single largest, most powerful global network of owner-operated commercial real estate brokerage firms.

National Spotlight

Real Estate Forum – Summer 2015
“We created Hallmark Partners 22 years ago on a commitment to deliver exceptional real estate intelligence, unmatched service and a culture of trust. Combined with the power of NAI Global, Hallmark delivers the power of local knowledge with a global reach. We can help you reach your goals.”
Alex Coley, Co-founder & Principal, NAI Hallmark Partners

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